QUICK 936A 60W Soldering Station

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Let op type!! 4 in 1 QUICK 936A 220V 60W Soldering Station Constant Temperature Soldering Iron Soldering Tool


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Please note that this product is only suitable for the type stated in the title! Description 1.The soldering iron handle is made of silicone material which is light and can be used for a long time. 2.It adopts imported ceramic high temperature heating core and has long service life. 3.The inner layer of lead-free environmental protection iron head adopts pure copper which has fast heating / returning temperature accurate and stable temperature control and improves work efficiency. 4.Special temperature locking device to prevent staff from accentuating temperature. Anti-static design to prevent damage to delicate SMD components due to electrostatic leakage. 6. Suitable for manual placement rework and soldering of common in-line components or SMD components as well as welding work for other different process requirements. Contain Host X 1 Iron frame X 1 Sponge X 1 Handle (handle comes with a pointed tip) X 1 Note 1.The soldering iron head is made of metal material which is easy to oxidize over time and needs to be maintained at any time. 2.The oxidation life of the soldering iron tip is proportional to the operating temperature. Please do not use it for a long time at a high temperature of 400 degrees or higher.