V1S X-13 Face ID Dot Projector Adaptor

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JC V1S Face ID Board For Data Read Write For JCID Programmer

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Newly upgraded JC V1SE Dot projector board supports iPhone 13-13 Pro Max. New JC V1SE Dot matrix board for iPhone X-13 PRO MAX Face ID repair. JC V1SE Dot projector detection board for repairing iPhone Face ID move higher or lower problem. JC V1S Dot projector Face ID repair board is used for detecting the iPhone dot projector flex cable, read and write the data for new dot matrix flex cable.

1. JC V1SE Dot Projector Detection Board for iPhone X/XS/XS MAX/XR/11/11 PRO/ 11 PRO MAX/12/12 PRO/12 PRO MAX/12 MINI/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 mini Face ID repair.
2. Replace the original dot matrix cable with new JC dot matrix cable.
3. Install and handle well the new replacement dot matrix cable.
4. Replace the dot matrix cable.
5. No disassembly of the original chip, encrypted data permanent storage, recover any time need.
7. Connecting to phone for breakdown code analysis. Read screen code to realize truetone repair without original screen,