Kaisi 901DW Heat Air Rework Station

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KAISI 901DW 1000W 220V Lead Free Intelligent LCD Heat Air SMD Rework Station Desoldering Station Auto Sleeping

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Electrodeless Temperature Adjustable
Temperature adjustable 100-450℃
Air volume adjustable 1-100 gear

High Efficiency Heating
Fast heating rate
Temperature stability
Eddy current

Magnetic Auto Sleeping Function
New Side Bracket
(Both side brackets and air g un brackets have auto sleeping)

Intelligent Digital Display
Four Temperature and Air Volume Memory Functions
High Definition Blue Light Digital Display
No eye injury, no fatigu

Power: 1000W
Air output: 12m/s
Wind pressure: 30L/H
Temperature Range: 100-450℃
Nozzle: 4mm 6mm 9mm
Volatege: 220V 50/60Hz
Power Cord Length: 900mm

Pacakge Included:
1 x Kaisi 901DW 1000W 220V Lead Free SMD Rework Station
3 x Nozzles
1 x Side Bracket
1 x Ground Wire