QUICK 6601 Soldering Smoke PurifIer Machine

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Original QUICK 6601 Soldering Smoke Purifying Machine Smoke Filter System for ESD Soldering Moxibustion/Medical/Home/Industrial Smoke absorber

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Single/double station smoke purification system 1. The installation is simple and convenient, no need to separate the pipeline, which is conducive to the clean and beautiful working space 2. The triple filter design ensures the removal of harmful substances in the smoke and protects the human body. The initial effect of the river and medium efficiency filters can be replaced individually, extending the life of the main filter. 3. The built-in recirculating air filtering method avoids the indoor air-conditioning/heating to be discharged to the outside, truly meaning to save energy. At the same time meet the national environmental protection requirements. 4. High-power DC brushless motor, long life and large air volume 5. Low noise design. 6. Adjustable air volume, directional air duct adjustment, positioning freel